Welcome to FlatKeys - What a good idea!

FlatKeys is home to a great many inventive creations, chiefly benefitting the live music industry.

Music, especially live music, is at the core of nearly every society in the world, and FlatKeys aims to make life easier for performers and support technicians.

Coming soon....S10430 Divider Keyer replacement! Click the image to read more - there's an autumn update!

Visit the RetroFit section, where you will find many of those little divider chips that you need to keep the old synthesizers going, including MM5823/4 and MK50240. Now also accommodating the Korg PS3x00 series.

Adaptacus is a most useful tool for the surface mount assembler, a great piece of kit for making a few pcbs at a time.

P!NG and S!NG are our Pink Noise and Sine Wave Generators - handy test tools and great-looking keyrings! Here are easy links for you to buy online.

We haven't got all our products on these websites - some of what we do is barmy, some of it top secret until launch - but all of it benefits the people around us!

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