Our new <TOG*>-RETRO devices are a direct plug-in replacement for the originals.  They operate from 5-16v and have a 10kHz-16MHz input clock range; both of which exceed the original specification.

They are made possible by using FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology which in recent years has become small enough to use in devices of this size.  There is a double stack of PCBs, the top one of which is a 4-layer board.

Unlike our FK50240 top octave synthesiser, the top octave generators only provide the original tuning.

*the “<TOG>” is replaced with a generic part number for devices that had the same pin-out

The MM5832 was an unusual device, in that it had an extra power supply pin, and different manufacturers had different ideas about how to use it. As a consequence, we make our RETROs to suit the original instrument.

We need to know which instrument you want to put the device into, so please let us know, either when placing the order via PayPal, or we will get in touch to ensure you get the correct device for your instrument.

The MM5832-RETRO and MM5833-RETRO are the same device; by changing the position of a single resistor the output notes change to suit. So it is possible to buy two of the same and modify as required. Instructions are provided with the device. Note that the resistor is 0603 size, which is pretty small!

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