About the FlatKeys Logo

We get asked about our logo and what it means. So here is a guide to the intricacies.

- The FK logo's three strands are (slightly-trunkated) sine waves. The sine wave is the single most fundamental aspect of music, and is also deeply rooted in electronics. The three portions of the sine wave represent the three phases found in industrial electricity supply.


- Handily, the trunkated sine wave also looks like an 'f', as in Flat, and with a leg like part of a kicking k added (Keys), there you have it.

- This stylised FK looks rather like a reversed 'lambda', the Greek symbol representing wavelength:


Conveniently, considering that we're in the audio business, wavelenths occur in sound.

- The illusion of the 'f' coming towards you or going away from you, like an Escher drawing, is a representation of the phase inversion which happens in a balanced line - go on, let your eyes unfocus...



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