P!NG Pink Noise Generator


P!NG™ - very handy and flipP!NG marvellous!

- tool which generates accurate pink noise (+/-1dB, 20Hz-20Khz).
- can also be used for testing cables.
- makes a great keyring accessory.

The P!NG™ is a handy tool to help you analyse your audio system. It is built into a high-quality male XLR connector and is powered via a microphone input phantom power.

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Pink noise generator

P!NG™ generates pink noise (20Hz - 20KHz +/- 1dB) so you can check that your sound system is properly balanced.

Pink noise differs from 'white noise' (which is sometimes called 'static': the sort of noise a de-tuned radio produces) in that it has the same audio power in each octave.  The sound is rather like a waterfall: deep bass, clear middle, crisp treble and each at the same power level  so no single frequency band stands out from the rest.  Some people use the sound to encourage children to sleep.

This 'flat' sound makes pink noise a very revealing way of analysing the performance of a sound system, because if one band does sound louder than the rest it means the system isn't properly balanced.  This applies equally to 'Front Of House' as well as for stage monitors or studio / reference systems.  Simply plug in P!NG into a microphone input, switch on phantom power so the LED illuminates; then turn up the gain to a suitable level and listen to the sound.  That's all there is to it!

Note that the output level is set deliberately low.  This allows you to use lots of gain which can show up potential problems with pre amplifiers.

P!NG produces analogue pink noise, rather than the digital 'repeating' type.  Each unit is tested using a spectrum analyser, averaged over time, to make sure that the spectrum produced is correct.

P!NG™ is a simple yet reliable way of training the ear as to what to do to get the right sound.

Pink noise can also be used to train the ears of newcomers to the audio field as to what 600Hz sounds like (or any other frequency marked on a mixing desk etc).  One of the hardest things for newcomers to grasp is the relationship between hearing a musician and thinking "that middle range sounds loud" and being able to twiddle the right control to even things out.  As the pink noise stays constant, you can hear the changes you make when adjusting equalisation and then compare what you hear to what is marked on your equipment.  By practising this regulary you quickly become used to what the markings on your equipment actually sound like.

P!NG™ can be used for testing XLR leads.

You can use P!NG™ to test XLR leads too.  The red LED comes on to show that power is being applied.  If pin 2 or 3 of a lead is shorted to pin 1 then the LED will not illuminate.  If either pin 2 or pin 3 is not connected then the pink noise will be at half the level compared to plugging directly into the microphone socket (without the lead).  If pins 2 & 3 are shorted together then there will be virtually no pink noise output.

P!NG™ the KeyRing

Each unit is supplied with a split ring so you can use it as a keyring.  You never know when you might need an audio reference so if it's always with you there's nothing to forget.

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