Snippet is our new, funky, computer productivity tool which will be available this year. We will update this holding page as soon as we have more details.

Copied from the BrikWorm Chain page...

During Chain development, we accidentally generate other opportunities....here is one!

Back in 2016 we designed an improved user interface for computers, to speed up our own development work. In 2018 it got updated, we made a few and we have used them ever since without really thinking about how useful they are.

It's funny how, when you make your own tools and then use them, and get used to them, that you forget you even have them.

A little while ago an ally visited and saw us using them and said "you have got to make that into a product - I want one!" and so we are doing. It's a complete revamp from the 2018 version and will be available in a few months' time.. so we're taking this opportunity to create links and pages for it.

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